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Command NCO

About the Alaska Wing Command NCO

Senior Master Sergeant Paul Goedert is the Alaska Wing Command NCO, and is the senior NCO Corps leader within the wing. SMSgt Goedert is responsible for advising the Wing Commander and staff on mission effectiveness, professional development, training and utilization of the command’s NCO members and takes action to address shortfalls or challenges.

SMSgt Goedert grew up in Southern California and enlisted in the US Air Force in 1963, where he trained as an aircraft mechanic (over two engines). He was stationed at Travis AFB California, working on C-133's and in 1966 became a flying Crew Chief and flew many missions into Viet Nam with arms and equipment. SMSgt Goedert spent the next sixteen years working on C-130's and OV-10's at various Air Bases around the world, including Da Nang AFB Viet Nam. In late 1967, SMSgt Goedert was stationed at Elmendorf AFB to help with "ice fog dispersal", and spent two months flying missions to see what effects dry ice had on fog banks that would drop in on Elmendorf. In early 1981, SMSgt Goedert was assigned to Elsworth AFB, South Dakota as a Bomber Line Chief. SMSgt Goedert was responsible for 31 B-52 aircraft, nine of which were Nuclear Loaded at all times.

SMSgt Goedert earned his Aircraft and Power plant license while assigned to Ellsworth AFB. In February 1983, SMSgt Goedert retired and returned to Alaska. In 1987, SMSgt Goedert earned his Private Pilot’s Certificate and joined Civil Air Patrol in 1988.


      AF Tech School Honor Grad
      NCO Leadership School Honor Grad
      Senior NCO Leadership School
      Various other required Air Force schools
      Aircraft Power Plant License
      Associates degree in Applied Sciences, Aircraft Maintenance
      Ground School (aircraft)
      Masters Mate License (25 ton)
      Inland Waterways License (Baker Co Oregon Sheriffs Dept)
      Commercial Drivers License (18 wheeler)

CAP Career

Joined Polaris Composite Squadron in 1988
Transport pilot, observer, assistant Deputy Commander of Cadets, Mission Coordinator and Squadron Maintenance Officer.
Assigned as assistant Deputy Commander of Cadets. SMSgt Goedert assisted several cadet encampments, one as the Commander.
Served as IG in several CAP wings.


Ground Team Leader
Flight Line Supervisor
Communications Unit Leader
All ICS courses to be an Incident Commander
Senior rating in Safety
Master Rating in Cadet Programs

Previously, SMSgt Goedert was a Lt Colonel in Civil Air Patrol.

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