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2021 Cadet Programs Conference

NOTE: THIS IN INFORMATION REGARDING THE *2021* CPC.  The *2022* CPC is currently being planned.

(Updated 12 Jan 2022)

The Cadet Programs Conference (CPC) is a conference focused on Alaska Wing *cadets*!  Senior Members who work with cadets are encouraged to learn more about the cadet program, meet cadets, and see them in action.  Cadets can learn more about all the different aspects of cadet life, meet other cadets, and even help senior member with their cadet-related training!

The 2021 AKWG CPC was held on Sunday, 5 Dec 2021 from 10am-2:30pm. Thank you for attending! Please complete this survey: 2021 AKWG CPC Survey

Resources mentioned in several of the sessions are included here:






































Info to prepare for 2022 CPC......

Follow one track the whole day, or jump around depending on your interests or where you want to help out. Cadets are welcome in SM sessions and vice versa.

Parent/SM Track: https://meet.google.com/ign-hpxf-mhn   

AE/STEM Track: https://meet.google.com/rhc-qggv-yrw

ES/NCSA Track: https://meet.google.com/jnh-xkzt-beo

Tech Support: https://meet.google.com/ncv-aipv-dzj or bit.ly/CPCTechSupport


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