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2022 AKWG Glider Flight Academy

(updated 12 Jan 22)

10 Jan 2022 Letter to the Cadets Who Were Selected for the 2022 AKWG GFA

Congratulations, you have been selected for the 2022 Glider Flight Academy!

Attached you will find a detailed Letter of Instruction (LOI).  Please read it carefully, and share the LOI with your parents.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email & LOI and confirm either your acceptance of your slot, or that you understand that you must confirm your slot, or withdraw from the activity via email to me no later than 2000hrs Sunday, 30 January 2022.  If you miss this deadline, I will offer your slot to the next cadet on the waitlist.

Thank you again for your hard work and preparation, now let's get ready to soar!


Lt Col Brian "Irish" Porter, CAP

Activity Director

2022 Alaska Wing Glider Flight Academy

(C) 907.717.9184

U.S. Air Force Auxiliary



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