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2022 NCSAs (Natl Cadet Special Activities)



(updated 12 Jan 2022)

Cadets who applied for CadetInvest (31 Dec 2021 deadline) may receive financial aid for NCSAs, NFAs, flight training, and college.

The "on-time" application deadline for NCSAs & NFAs is Saturday, 15 Jan 2022

Cadets and SMs can apply to NCSAs and NFAs up to the date the activity starts but will only be selected if there are openings and if the candidate is selected by the Activity Director.

Detailed information and instructions here: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/activities/national-cadet-special-activities

If you missed any of these deadlines and hope to apply for the 2023 financial aid (CadetInvest) and NCSAs/NFAs, please mark your calendars for next year! 


Very *un*official schedule of 2022 NCSAs and NFAs:

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