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This Stan/Eval page (short for Standards/Evaluations) is a resource for Cadet Programs Officers.  As I collect information and feedback from other Testing Officers, I'll compile information and ideas here.  Feel free to use whatever you like or adapt it to your own squadrons' needs.  Feel free to block-copy any info to use in your own references (website, handouts, etc). Also feel free to refer cadets here if there are any guidelines you would like them to follow as-written

Chief Speeches:

Congratulations for taking the next steps for your next promotion.

To best help you meet your speech requirements, and to best prepare you for future such occasions in life, please do the following, all of which fall under the category of "Consider your Audience" and "Provide What the Decision-Maker Needs."

(1) Coordinate ahead of time with a testing officer* to score your written assignment and speech, to provide you feedback, and to communicate your score to Squadron Commander.

(2) Email pdf's (not google docs) of your essay/writing assignment, the scoring sheet for the written assignment, and the scoring sheet for the speech to the testing officer and Squadron Commander politely reminding them about your upcoming speech. Make sure your name, rank, etc are on the scoring sheets and written assignment and in the filename. Testing officer are often scoring several cadets' work at the same time, and you want to make things as easy for the testing officer as possible! In the email to the testing officer, also include a link or screenshot showing the requirements for your current promotion.  Ask the testing officer to have some questions ready for you at the end. They cannot score you on how you respond if no one asks you questions that you can respond to, and that will decrease your score.

(3) Read and understand the scoring sheet very clearly.  Some scoring criteria are more important than others.  

(4) Ensure your hair, uniform (ideally Class A dress blues but ask your CDC), etc meet regulations. Expect an inspection.  Do not read your speech.  You may have a 3x5" index cards with notes.

(5) If presenting in a virtual setting, your camera must be on and your mic must work.  If there are transmission difficulties, you may need to reschedule your speech. Stand up while you speak, and place your computer camera in a position where the audience can see the upper half of your body. If you are using slides, the testing officer must be able to see you *and* your slides.  You may ask another cadet to manage the slides for you.  If you are submitting a video of your speech for scoring and you cannot simultaneously show yourself and your slides, your speech must make sense without being able to see the slides.

(6) First address the cadets present and tell them clearly why you are giving this speech and the choices they have for speeches when they are at your level.

(7) Exemplifying customs and courtesies (say sir & ma'am!!), ensure the person scoring your speech is present and realizes you are about to start your speech.  Remind them to start a timer.

(8) Begin your speech.  

(9) Followup with the testing officer for feedback and your score.  If you need to redo your speech or written assignment, please take it as the learning opportunity it is. 

Testing officer Pro Tips:

(1) Review the written assignment and both scoring sheets the cadet sends you ahead of time.  The scoring system is not intuitive.  Some criteria require the cadet to redo the speech or written assignment if they do not score well.

(2) Some SMs use the following definitions for scoring: Marginal =<60% subcriteria met. Satisfactory= >/=60% subcriteria met. Excellent = 100% subcriteria met. Oustanding = above and beyond the subcriteria

(3) Run the written assignments through Grammarly to quickly find typos, grammar errors (and suggestions), and tone.

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