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2023 ORWG Winter Encampment

[updated 13 Sep 23]

28735 Grumman Drive
Eugene OR 97402-9542

Announcing the 2023 Winter Raptor, Joint Oregon Winter Encampment

  • When: Cadre and Staff: 26 1000-1100 DEC 2023-03 JAN 2024
  • Students: 27 1300-1400 DEC 2023 through 03 1200 JAN 2024
  • Where: Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Center (near Astoria Oregon)
  • 33168 Patriot Way
  • Warrenton, OR 97146
  • Cost: $300 for mainland students
    • $225 for cadet cadre (cadre are the cadet chain of command - not students)
    • $125 for AK, HI, territories, or overseas cadets (cadre or student).
    • $0 Cadre Serving in DFAC, Key Executive, C/DOV Director and the C/XP Director
    • $0 Senior staff positions and ($30 for Senior staff hoodie optional)

Registrations are accepted from 1 SEP to 10 NOV 2023.

What we Provide:
If flying into and out of Portland (PDX) you will be provided baggage claim to barracks
transportation and the inverse. Also provided from Portland rail and bus.
Students should plan for their flight to arrive by 27 1100 DEC 23 and depart no earlier
than 3 1600 JAN 24. Early arrival, even overnight, as early as the 26th will be
authorized only if required (i.e. students traveling with family that is cadre or staff) but
discouraged if possible. Late departure AFTER 3 JAN 2024 is STRONGLY
discouraged. Let our transportation officer know as soon as possible if you will have to
travel after the 3rd.
Cadre should plan for their flight to arrive by 26 1100 DEC 23 and depart no earlier
than 3 1600 JAN 24.
Your Part:
Bring your rain jacket, hard copy 161, your current hard copy CAPF 160(i) and CAPF
163, and the Go home plan and Covid test results when you travel to Encampment.
If Traveling by bus, plane, or train fill out the form here NLT 1 DEC 23: Failure to provide
travel information could result in delay of transportation to encampment. If your travel
plans change after you fill out the form, contact CAPT Gray at

ATS: 2 1700 JAN 2. ATS students will be released 3 1400 JAN 24. Any ATS that has to leave to
catch a plane will be sent in time for their travel. This Graduation will be webcast.
First time students(FTS): Weather will determine if graduation is done as one group at 1115 on
JAN 3, 2024, or as two groups at times to be determined prior to 3 JAN 24. An update will be sent to
families as the date approaches to the provided parent email in the registration website.
When you receive the RegFox confirmation email of your registration, you are enrolled. Make your
travel arrangement promptly after enrollment. Emails will be sent out prior to encampment with updates.
Check your junk mail folders as it may go there. Registration will be switched to a waitlist if full.
Do not register as staff until you have been selected and notified by the Cadet Cadre Chain of

Registration Details:
A preliminary packing list is available at the registration link – check your email before departure for
updates. Any packing list item that is not sent to encampment, will be reported back to the parents
for local purchase as needed. Make certain to bring a rain jacket as it is very rainy.
Packing List:
You must upload a copy of CAPF 60-81, CAPF 160(i), CAPF 161, CAPF 163, and the liability form.
These forms will need to be filled out completely, including all parental and unit Electronic signatures.
Do not print the registration packet, keep it digital and in PDF format. Bring your hard copy 161 and
your current hard copy CAPF 160(i) and CAPF 163 when you travel to Encampment.
Squadron Commanders. please notify your Director of Cadet Programs of your cadets attendance at an
out-of-wing activity. Digital signatures are recommended. Commanders and parents please identify any
special needs cadets and any special considerations on the cadet’s form 160 as well as on the application.
Please contact the encampment commander, for any special needs requiring one on one supervision,
special assistance, or access requirements.

Financial Assistance (CEAP) if desired:
1. Register and select “CEAP Scholarship.”
2. On 1 NOV 2023 immediately apply for CEAP.
3. If not awarded a scholarships, we will provide a payment link after 1 DEC 23
4. You must follow these steps to be considered for a scholarship.
Due to COVID concerns all members will be required to verify a negative COVID test within 36 hours
prior to arrival. This form will be emailed to all registrants before 1 DEC 23. Over the counter tests / labs
/ home tests are all accepted.

Encampment Tracks:
This year’s encampment will feature both first time encampment training squadrons for first time students
and an Advanced Training Squadron (ATS) for second year cadets and future staff.
The Encampment is intended to teach the individuals from the participating wings common followership
and leadership skills with standardized training and barracks life in a high intensity environment.
Graduation from an encampment is mandatory for all cadets wishing to move on to phase III and earn
their Billy Mitchell award. In addition to the four core aspects of the cadet program: Leadership,
Aerospace education, physical fitness, and character development, an opportunity to tour local Aerospace
themed locations, team confidence course, and experience military orientation rides are being scheduled.
Many of the high adventure activities will be weather and installation dependent, and are not guaranteed.
Having a rain jacket is essential to participating in many of the activities.

The ATS will bridge the training gap for the phase II and III Cadets that have not had the opportunity for
advanced NCO and leader training. The ATS will function as an NCO Academy while incorporating
the structure and opportunities of an encampment. Students in ATS will also receive an NCO
Academy graduation certificate plus, staff and weather dependent either a CAP cadet rocketry badge or
extensive training in Color Guard based on their elective preference at registration. Graduates of the ATS
will be able to take the additional training back to their home squadrons and will also assist them in
preparing for future leadership opportunities in CAP and life. Past encampment participation will be
verified for cadets wishing to join as advanced cadets. Attending this ATS is an excellent opportunity to
return to and relive the lifestyle of encampment but get more relevant phase II and III training. (There is
no minimum or maximum grade level to attend ATS - just prior encampment graduation).

For senior members interested this year as Training Officers (TO), we are hiring over 30 TOs and ATOs
plus six Senior Training Officers. We have a limited number of seats for Phase IV Cadets to participate as
STO Assistants. Please send an email to if you would like to be part of his
send a short letter of intent (don’t make it too complicated) and/or Resume. Once assigned a position you
will register with the same link as students.
Here is the link to the Oregon Wing cadet programs website, there is a drop down for encampment.

Winter Raptor Facebook page is available – announcements prior to encampment will be updated there,
and mid encampment updates should be available.

Nicholas Vaz, C/Lt Col, CAP
Winter Raptor VII Cadet Commander

Chris Barnett, CMSGT, CAP
Winter Raptor VII Commandant

Harold Buchanan, LtCol, CAP
Winter Raptor Commander

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