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Commander Pre-Requisites and Requirements

1 - Prerequisites and Service Requirements


• Must have been a senior member for at least 1 year AND be a CAP officer.
• Complete Level II of the CAP Professional Development program(See CAPR 50-17).
• Be recommended by the unit commander and accepted by the wing commander.
• Be assigned a mentor by the wing commander. It’s important that the commander and the trainee agree on the mentor assigned. The mentor must have a record of successful command experience in accordance with the overview above.

Service Requirements:

• 2 years total active service as a senior member CAP officer.
• Achieve promotion to the grade of Captain or higher.
• Train for at least 12 months for the Technician rating in this track.
• 1 year staff experience at the squadron, group, wing, or region level (service as a deputy commander for seniors or deputy commander for cadets preferred).
• Participation at group and wing level activities including attendance at commander’s calls in the wing.
• Attend at least one annual wing, region, or national conference. 

2 - Applicant Chain of Approval

3 - Be Assigned a Mentor

4 - Performance Feedback CAP Form 40

Progress in the Command Track is assessed, in part, by means of the CAPF 40, CAP Performance Feedback Form. This form is not used solely to assess a trainee’s progress in the Command Track, but also to assess the trainee’s progress in overall service to the wing and/or region. This form is completed by the trainee’s commander with input from the trainee’s mentor.The feedback process between student, mentor and/or commander is critical to the success of developing future leaders for CAP. The process has to be candid and truly measure the student’s progress and potential. Mentors and commanders must at all times monitor this process to insure honest and fair feedback that benefits the student’s progress. 

5 - Record Ratings

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