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Wing Vacancies

Commander  AK-93 Lake Hood
• Leads senior members and cadets in accomplishing the CAP ES, AE and cadet programs.
• Provides leadership and oversight to staff in executing weekly meetings.
• Responsible for compliance with CAP policy, guidance and operating procedures.
• Reports to the AKWG Commander.

Character Development Instructor
• The Character Development Instructors are part of the CAP Chaplain Corps but have different qualifications and responsibilities than chaplains.
• Complete training requirements for character development instructors.
• Present character development lessons for cadets in the absence of a Chaplain.

Assistant Public Affairs Officer - Public Relations, Digital Engagement and Creative Services
• Works with Public Affairs Officer to provide oversight across AKWG units and staff to ensure a CAP-compliant and active social media presence.
• Provides units and staff education.
• Training to develop and sustain relevant social media activities.
• Advises the commander, staff and members as required on CAP social media policy.

Development Officer
• Directs and coordinates overall planning activities.
• Develop plans for and monitor the overall implementation of special projects/programs as directed by commander/headquarters.
• Plan and coordinate region, wing or group conferences.
• Interpret laws, policy statements, directives, regulations, and other communications received from higher headquarters and integrate their requirements and guidance into plans and programs.
• Assist in the development of operational plans and programs when requested.

Wing Command NCO
• Participate in the decision-making process, as appropriate, on technical, operational and organizational issues.
• Advise the Wing Commander for dress and personal appearance items affecting CAP members and specifically NCOs.
• Serve as a representative of the Wing Commander.
• Serves on award and recognition selection committees.

Wing NCO Advisor
• Participate in the decision-making process, as appropriate, on technical, operational and organizational issues.
• Work closely with their wing’s command NCO.
• Perform other duties as directed by the wing commander.
• Encourage NCO mentorship of cadets and junior officer CAP members.

Cadet Competition Activity Director (2023 AKWG Competition is scheduled for Virtual Part 1 Sat 25 Nov 2023, In-person Part 2 Sat 2 Dec 2023)

CAC (Cadet Advisory Council) Senior Member Advisor (virtual meetings 2-3 times/month year-round)

Encampment Commander (2024 AKWG Encampment is scheduled for 13-22 June 2024)

Glider Flight Academy Activity Director (2024 AKWG Glider Academy is tentatively scheduled for 24 May-2 June 2024)

Powered Flight Academy (Distributed) Activity Director (need not be a pilot!) (2024 AKWG/National Powered Flight Academy takes place in instructors' and/or cadet students' home towns on their own schedule roughly 1 Mar -31 May 2024)




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