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Alaska Wing Cadets at NCSAs!


Summer 2022


This summer, cadets have scattered throughout the US, attending various National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs) and staffing encampments!

National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs) Featured Participants

More than 20 Alaska Wing cadets have attended NCSAs this summer. Some have already returned! Read their stories below, and refer to the Kodiak Composite Squadron article to read about Kodiak cadets’ experience at the National Cadet Competition! 

Eight AKWG Cadets & a Senior Member attend Hawk Mountain Ranger School (HMRS)

Eight cadets from 5 different AKWG squadrons attended the 2022 Hawk Mountain Ranger School NCSA, and Col Brian “Irish” Porter returned to instruct the Aircrew Survival Class.

Located in Kempton, Pennsylvania, Hawk Mountain Ranger School is the longest-running Search & Rescue School in the nation.  For over 65 years, HMRS has provided high-quality wilderness SAR training to cadets and seniors throughout the country.

C/2d Lt Reagan Benedicts says, “My favorite part of HMRS was the FTX, or Field Training Exercise. I enjoyed the intense physical training and the harsh conditions. We were able to use skills learned before the FTX in the classroom and practice them in a real-world situation. I learned many useful skills I hope to bring back to my squadron. I would highly recommend this activity and plan on returning next year.”

C/TSgt Grania Wegemer says, “My favorite part of my experience at Hawk Mountain was the FTX (field training exercise), where we got to hike up the mountain and really experience what a true SAR mission would be like. What I got out of Hawk was a once-in-a-lifetime experience where I got to truly understand what makes a motivated team. What I recommend to any cadets or Senior Members interested in attending Hawk Mountain is fully prepare yourself for the journey ahead; it will be challenging but one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.”

Other cadets who attended include Cadets Keena Bennett, Sigge Mellerstig, Michael Porter, Paul Smoot, Josiah Wise, and Logan Wong from Fairbanks, Lake Hood, Polaris, Birchwood, and Valdez Squadrons.

C/2d Lt Benedict (right) & Cadet Paul Smoot (center) sporting the signature orange gear at Hawk Mountain Ranger School