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2022 AKWG Summer Encampment SM Jobs

(last updated 20 Oct 2021)

1. Greetings to all CAP Alaska Wing (AKWG) Senior Members.  You are invited to apply for the following positions for the 2022 Alaska Wing Summer Encampment.  You may apply for multiple positions. The encampment is planned for Thursday 10 June 2022 to Saturday 20 June 2022 for staff, with students reporting Sunday 13 June 2022.  The planned location is Joint Base Elmendorf-Richard (JBER) near Anchorage, Alaska.  Other details will be determined in conjunction with the chosen executive staff.

  • Encampment Commander
  • Deputy Encampment Commander for Support (DCS)
  • Commandant of Cadets
  • Safety Officer
  • Health Services Officer (HSO)
  • Curriculum & Plans Officer
  • Training Officers (TOs, formerly known as TACs, including Chief TO)
  • Chaplain

2. Experience. Prior experience as CAP encampment staff (as a cadet and/or Senior Member) is helpful but not mandatory.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the Cadet Encampment Guide, particularly the job descriptions in Section 4.3 on pages 17-19 (see link in References below)

3. Expectations. Please note that the Encampment Commander is required to keep the Wing Commander and the Director of Cadet Programs apprised of activity planning progress.  Planning will begin shortly after the Wing Commander appoints the Encampment Commander. The Encampment Commander (or delegee) will communicate with Senior Member and cadet staff, cadet student applicants, cadets' leadership, and cadets' parents regarding planning and preparation so that all participants get the most out of the activity.

4. Process.  We will confirm receipt of your application by email. If you do not receive confirmation, please call Capt Karen Padgett at the number below.  The top candidates may be interviewed by a selection board by phone, in a virtual meeting, or in person.  Selections and appointments will be made by the Alaska Wing Commander, Col Kevin McClure.  We anticipate this to happen on or about 5 Nov 2021.

5. Procedure.  Submit the following by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, 3 Nov 2021 to the Encampment email address,  

    For Encampment Commander, DCS, and Commandant positions

          (1) a statement of which position(s) you are applying for.  For Encampment Commander and Commandant applications, please also provide a description of your vision for the AKWG Encampment, and your interest in helping at that activity if you are not selected for your first choice position, and

           (2) a resume of your CAP, encampment, and other applicable experience.

     For all other positions, an email stating the position(s) you are interested in, why, and a bullet list of your applicable experience/qualifications.

6. Direct any questions to the AKWG Director of Cadet Programs, Capt Karen Padgett (

7. References: 

  • Alaska Wing Website Cadet Programs Staff Openings: ... NOTE: Any updates/edits to the job postings will be listed here
  • Cadet Encampment Guide, CAPP 60-70 (
  • Cadet Encampment Handbook, CAPP 60-71 (
  • NHQ Encampment Resource Page (


Very respectfully,

Capt Karen L. Padgett

Alaska Wing Director of Cadet Programs (DCP)

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