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Advice from Cadet Pilots

Congratulations to C/2d Lt Ben Walkup, who obtained his FAA private pilot license on 6/22/23!  Cadet Walkup of the Lake Hood Squadron began his flight training with Lt Col Tom Palmer, and also received instruction from Lt Col Brian Porter, TFO Ryan Padgett, and Maj Ben Padgett.  He was serving as the Safety Officer at this year’s cadet encampment and had to sneak out for a day to complete his checkride.

How does it feel to have your private pilot’s license?  “It feels pretty good that I have something to show for all the work I did, and have the ability to explore and see things most people will never get the chance to.  I may officially be a pilot now, but I hope to never stop being a student.

What’s your advice to other cadets that want to get their license?  “My advice to cadets getting their PPL would be to hit the books early, make it easy on your instructor - meaning when they give you homework, do it so they’re just checking your work, not teaching it to you when you turn it in, and use more right rudder!”