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(updated 19 Nov 2021)

August 2021 "Cadet News & Innovations" Annual Newsletter from NHQ Cadet Programs.  Access it here:

The newsletter describes lots of new cadet material that was published in October 2021:

  • Cadet Interactive: web-based modules (reading, listening, clicking hotspots, answering questions, matching card, and more) for Achievements 1-11 that can be completed instead of or in addition to the open-book aerospace and leadership tests.

  • Cadet Welcome Course as part of Achievement 1 (info about encampment, NCSAs, CadetInvest, and more)

  • Updated Cadet Super Chart

  • Updated Personal Cadet Tracker

  • New Aerospace Dimensions Module 7: Cyber Defense

  • And More!

Coming 13 August 2021 from the Virtual National Conference...updates to QCUA, Great Start, and Cohort Recruiting


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