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Applying to Universities & US Service Academies

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--Consider how your CAP experience might contribute to the following typical essay prompts:

Typical Common App Essay prompts

In CAP, interview and participate in boards *every* chance you get.  By the time you interview for colleges, you will be polished at the interview process, and you will stand out from your non-CAP peers!


US Service Academies

If you're applying to one, consider applying to all 5 US Service Academies (Air Force, Army (West Point), Navy (Annapolis), Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine)

Many candidates get accepted into one service academy but no others

If serving your country is your goal, consider allowing the various services to determine where they think you might be the best fit

The application processes are very involved but similar to one another. If you're going to the effort to apply for one, it is just an incremental step to apply to the others

~10 parts of a typical service academy application process:





Congressional Nomination:

When you're a junior in high school, apply to attend National Legislative Day....

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