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(Updated 15 Nov 22)


Flight-related, STEM, & other scholarships including Alaska-specific:

General scholarship resources

Facebook Aviation Scholarships page: https://www.facebook.com/Aviation-Scholarships-1570860942960030/

Ak Airmen's link to many aviation scholarships (see "other scholarships to apply for"):  https://alaskaairmen.org/scholarships/#ourscholarships

Alaska Airmen's Association "High Schools to Flight Schools" for Anchorage-area High School Juniors & Seniors. https://www.highschooltoflightschool.org/

Various Grants for Aviation students & teachers: https://mailchi.mp/aeb678bf5a53/notice-from-air-camp-various-aviation-and-aeronautics-related-events-scholarship-and-grant-opportunities-for-students-and-teachers?e=209970a249

TREA: The Retired Enlisted Association: Jan 1st every year, college scholarship applications open for the following fall. https://trea.org/TREA/Membership/Scholarship/TREA/Scholarships.aspx?hkey=1f06fbbb-4a8f-465e-a52d-9604013c0b37

Cadet Character & Leadership Foundation (Encampment Cadre, Leadership Schools, etc): cclfscholarships.org

Air Camp: https://aircampusa.org/student/  (scroll to bottom of page for scholarship information)

Specific scholarships (listed by typical annual due date):


1 Jan deadline: 99s (Intl Org of Women Pilots): https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarships.htm

31 Jan deadline: Lyons Aviation Foundation https://lyonsaviation.org/aviation-scholarship/

11 Feb deadline: AOPA Scholarships for age 16+: https://www.aopa.org/training-and-safety/students/flight-training-scholarships?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=organic%20social&utm_campaign=engagement&fbclid=IwAR0wmEH0fDozKOdlpHDV9hSz3S8m-lhljC_XTKD5tJnyfU4Ful8ofOAuYME

1 Mar deadline: Alaska Airmen's Association (***$100,000 of scholarships each year!***): https://alaskaairmen.org/scholarships/#ourscholarships

1 Mar deadline: National Aviation Heritage Area (available to all geographic areas if candidate has completed Air Camp https://aircampusa.org/student/) https://visitnaha.com/quick-links/aviation-scholarship/

15 Mar $1500 Scholarships for female student glider pilots under the age of 25  https://womensoaring.org/sky-ghost-scholarship-form/

15 Apr deadline: Alaska 99s (Women Pilots): Check here to see if they are offering a scholarship this year: https://www.ninety-nines.org/scholarships.htm

1 May deadline: The General James H. Doolittle Scholarship awards one or more scholarships of up to $5,000 to college juniors, seniors, or graduate students pursuing a degree in aerospace science, aeronautical engineering, or a related field at any accredited college or university in the United States or its possessions. Applicants must have a minimum 2.75 GPA and have completed at least 52 hours of college course work by the end of the academic semester in which they apply. Applicants must also be citizens of the United States. More info here: https://www.commemorativeairforce.org/news/doolittle-scholarship-for-aerospace-education-announced?fbclid=IwAR2v6W6xd7d5o9myauBMvTr5sFqpsNfo1NQwDXuh0ChNjYIE84EsQcHJmV4

1 May deadline: The Colonel Edwin W. Lewis, Jr. Flight Scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded yearly, to one or more CAP cadets in Pacific Region.  Applicants must be at least 15 years of age as of May 1, in order to apply.  Applications will be accepted between April 1 thru May 1 each year. Send all applications by e-mail to clee@capnhq.gov .  The selection committee will then have 2 months to choose the recipient.- https://pcr.cap.gov/directorates/cadet-programs/ed-lewis-scholarship/

~12 Oct deadlines: Women in Aviation Scholarships: https://www.wai.org/education/scholarships?fbclid=IwAR1O3YOUXX7LKSKnKMz6rrJHsxl69C1BTY8jV9H2ojrMeSHl3EAZ-k8Eg_0

31 Oct deadline: Matthew Shope Memorial Fly-High Scholarship: https://www.flyhighmps.org/copy-of-receive-should-copy

1 Dec deadline: DoD Scholarship/grant (kind of like ROTC but civilian DoD). Recipients receive full tuition, a stipend, internships and guaranteed employment with the Department of Defense.  https://www.smartscholarship.org/smart?id=smart_index (applications accepted August through 1 Dec every year)

10 Dec deadline: AIM HIGH Flight Academy aimhighflightacademy.com/the-application-process or afrs.det1.flight@us.af.mil for full-time students ages 16-23 with a "never-quit" attitude and GPA 3.0 & higher

20 Dec deadline: High Schools to Flight Schools: https://www.highschooltoflightschool.org/   Anchorage-area HS juniors & seniors pay back cost of flight training with community service hours.

*31 Dec deadline CIVIL AIR PATROL CADETINVEST!!!!**** (applications open 1 Oct every year.  See below for more information)

*CadetINVEST (Reference: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/cadetinvest)

Apply ONCE per year & get in the running for several CAP scholarships with that one application!

ALL cadets can apply.  Check all the eligibility boxes that apply, and NHQ will determine which scholarships you meet the requirements for.  If in doubt, check the box.

~1 Oct every year, CadetINVEST applications *open*!! The Deadline for most scholarships is 31 Dec of the same year.

Go to this website and follow the links for each scholarship to see what you/your cadets are eligible for: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/cadetinvest

That webpage includes application instructions in the upper right

Webinars may be provided

Also See "Partner Opportunities" on that webpage

For Homeschoolers:

Though technically not scholarships, we recommend you consider the possibility of using homeschool allotment money for flight training and other CAP activities.  We understand IDEA, Raven, and FOCUS have allowed some money to be used on educational CAP activities. Discuss details with your homeschool program.


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