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Upcoming TLC Classes

(updated 20Sep23)

Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) Classes are the premier venue for Cadet Programs Officers to learn how to become better mentors of cadets and more effective managers of cadet squadrons. The Basic and Intermediate classes are a component of the Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track. To foster collegial discussions among adult volunteers, cadets are prohibited from attending.

Topics include:

  • Putting excitement into squadron meetings
  • Getting cadets off to a Great Start
  • Developing partnerships with parents
  • Mentoring cadets to develop their potential
  • Providing each cadet with a tailor-made challenge

STUDENT PREPARATION: Before attending any TLC-Basic classes (and to be sure to get credit), please invest about 45 minutes by completing the online modules in eServices > Online Learning > Axis > Training Leaders of Cadets—Basic

PLEASE NOTE: Graduation from TLC-Basic within the last 4 years is required for the Cadet Programs Technician Rating & the Command Technician Rating. It also helps your unit earn the QCUA. Graduation from TLC-Intermediate is required for the Cadet Programs Senior Rating.  There is a rare TLC-Advanced class, but it is typically offered only to Wing Directors of Cadet Programs. If you are interested in TLC-Advanced, please email



Saturday, 9 Sep 2023, Virtual TLC Basic Class. 5am-1pm Alaska Time!!!  (Offered by TXWG in Central Time Zone--at least we'll finish early!!)

Registration NOW OPEN!

TXWG invites Senior Members from all regions and all staff areas to participate in their TLC class. POC Captain Jared Brown:

Register here:


Saturday, 21 Oct 2023, Virtual TLC Basic Class. ~6:30am-1pm Alaska Time!!!

Registration Now Open

The Chaplain Corps invites Senior Members from all regions and all staff areas to participate (as students or instructors) in their TLC classes. 

Register here:  Click on "event registration" then "next" then "next" then enter your info.  You can update your info later if you need to, so register even if you are not sure yet if you are available.

Approximate dates of additional upcoming TLC virtual classes offered by the Chaplain Corps (typically 3rd Sat of each quarter. To register, click , then click "Next" starting 1 month before the class) POC Ch. Jeff Williams,

  • Saturday, 20 Jan 2024 ~6:30 am-1 pm Alaska Time
  • Saturday, 20 Apr 2024 ~6:30 am-1 pm Alaska Time
  • Saturday, 20 Jul 2024 ~6:30 am-1 pm Alaska Time
  • Saturday, 19 Oct 2024 ~6:30 am-1 pm Alaska Time
  • "On demand" for 10 or more students
  • Great opportunity to also help *teach* a TLC class

Other opportunities will be listed here as we hear about them...

Want to offer a class yourself?

If you have graduated from a TLC class, you may be eligible to help teach or coordinate a class at that level.  In fact, helping teach any class is a requirement for Level 3 (Captain-level) and will greatly benefit the wing.  You may help teach a class in person, virtually, or as a hybrid class.  For more information on teaching a class, to find the curriculum, and for tips & tricks, go here:

Please refer to CAPR 60-1 Para 2.3.2 regarding Cadet Program Management, including the requirements for teaching/coordinating a TLC class  (

In Alaska Wing, please coordinate with Capt Karen Padgett (, Director of Cadet Programs & Assistant Director of Education & Training


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