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[Last Updated 4/25/24]

Email uniform suggestions specific to Alaska Wing to


CAP Regulation 39-1, Civil Air Patrol Uniform Regulation:

CAP Pamphlet 60-20, New Cadet Guide pp 15-18:

Curry Voucher: Help prospective cadets/parents understand the challenge with uniforms and encourage them to request the $75, $125, or $175 assistance with uniforms.  Items in the Curry Voucher weblink are cheaper than the regular Vanguard website, so encourage them to order anything available they may need for the first few years.

CEAP: Encourage encampment applicants to apply for Cadet Encampment Assistance Program and request uniform assistance.  If awarded, they will receive a $75 or $125 voucher code and a special link to Vanguard where the prices are again cheaper than on the regular Vanguard website.

Tailoring uniforms: Smaller cadets could consider getting adult-sized uniforms tailored to fit them.

vanguard 10% discount code: FBMAY2024, TWMAY2024, IGMAY2023 & similar pattern for month/year. Also, one account per squadron can have free shipping. 
Donated/borrowed uniforms:
Remind cadets to return uniforms they outgrow them or when they leave CAP (as they signed in the agreement when they joined CAP).  Uniforms loaned to them by the squadron or purchased using Curry Vouchers or CEAP are technically owned by CAP.  You can encourage cadets who obtain their own uniforms to donate them back to the squadron when they're done with them.

Email/call other DCCs: DCCs are welcome to "reply all" to DCC email messages or otherwise contact other DCCs to see if other units have uniforms they can use.

Facebook CAP Uniform Exchange Group:  Good resource for suggestions for economical uniform solutions.  Shipping to & from Lower 48 is probably cost-prohibitive.

Boots: Cheapest source we've seen so far for boots sturdy enough to make it through encampment:     This website sometimes offers a 10% discount if you sign up for emails.

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