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Director's Welcome

(updated 11 Aug 2021)

Welcome to the Cadet Programs section of the Alaska Wing website!  The goal of the Cadet Program's directorate is to provide consistent opportunities for CAP cadets to achieve. Through events that focus on Leadership, Aerospace, Emergency Services, Drill and Ceremonies, and Character Development, members can explore and learn ways to hone their skills to better themselves and our community. Some of the events we hold to facilitate this exploration include Encampments, Cadet Competitions, Search and Rescue Exercises, Flight Academies, and special cadet sessions at our annual Wing Conference.

Cadets, challenge yourself to do all you can to prepare to be a leader and to make a difference. Seniors, help provide a safe environment to assist cadets in their growth and achievements. This can happen when YOU participate in the program, so sign up or volunteer and let’s do this together. Hope to see you at an event soon.

The information provided in the section will be updated periodically.  It is here so that the membership can always be informed as to what is going on in their Alaska Wing Cadet Program.

Karen L. Padgett, Capt, CAP
Director of Cadet Programs
Alaska Wing

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