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(updated 23 Dec 2022. October-December 2022 Information for 2023 activities)


Cadets,  Apply for CadetINVE$T ASAP!  The deadline is 12/30/22. To apply now, click this link (requires eServices login):

NHQ website for information:

Scroll through for some Alaska-specific information

Special Webinar for Alaska: Recording of 10/23/22 Webinar: Maj Robin Kim from NHQ answers Alaskan cadets', SM & parents' questions about CadetInvest, especially flight training! 

Posted on the YouTube Alaska Wing Civil Air Patrol channel here:

GOAL: 200 Alaska Registrants. 

10/1/22 Update: Vanguard Gift Certificate awarded to C/MSgt Keena B

10/8/22 Update: Vanguard Gift Certificate awarded to C/SrA Elizabeth B of Birchwood

10/9/22 Update: 27 Registrants

10/15/22 Update: Vanguard Gift Certificate awarded to C/TSgt Corban N of Birchwood

10/19/22 Update: 39 Registrants

10/30/22 Update: 55 Registrants

10/31/22 Update: Vanguard Gift Certificate awarded to C/SMSgt Lane H of Kenai

12/23/22 Update: 92 Registrants



The CadetInvest Application is NOW OPEN!  Take 5-10 minutes, log into eServices & Apply here. (


October 1st, 2022- December 31st, 2022 12pm CST (Noon)--NOTE THAT IS 9:00 a.m. ALASKA TIME!!

Prizes!!! (Vanguard Gift Certificates) awarded to Alaska Wing cadets randomly chosen at 8pm on October 8, 15, and 31, 2022.  Register early for more chances to win!  C/MSgt Bennett won a gift certificate at the Wing Conference on October 1, and C/SrA Barnette won a gift certificate on October 8!

Interested in flight instruction? Not only do you get into NHQ's system for the Cadet "WIngs" program (up to 60 hours of flight instruction paid for) and Glider & Powered NFAs (National Flight Academies), but you get entered into Alaska Wing's flight training "pipeline" so we can help get your information about ground school, Alaska Wing powered and glider flight academies, individual flight training, orientation flights, and more.

Interested in NCSAs (National Cadet Special Activities) & other Out-of-state Activities?? Hawk Mountain Ranger School? Blue Beret Osh Kosh Air Show? Space Operations? Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing? NESA? CadetInve$t may help pay for your AIRFARE (A HUGE benefit for Alaskans!) and tuition at NCSAs & other activities all over the country. (more info on NCSAs here: and see Alaska cadets in action at NCSAs here:  Register for the Oregon winter encampment by Nov 10 here:

Planning to apply to the US Air Force Academy & the other 4 Service Academies? Including that information on your CadetINVEST registration helps us help you.  Many AKWG Senior Members attended the service academies & know how to help you build a strong application.  We also have opportunities to help you meet the members of the Alaska Congressional delegation when it's time to apply for your service academy nomination.  


Help YOU!  Apply for CadetINVEST as soon as possible.

You can update your application anytime until December 30, 2022.  The key is to register as soon as possible.

CAP GMail: To help us more easily communicate with you, use your CAP GMail. Instructions here:


Instructions for CadetINVE$T Registration:

Log into eServices

Choose "Cadet Programs" from the menu hamburger in the upper left

Click on "CAP Cadet Invest"

In Tab 1, check all boxes (it's OK if you're not actually applying for something).  If you are younger than 9th grade, just choose "Freshman.".  If you're not sure of the exact date you graduate, enter June 1st of the year you plan to graduate (ie 6/1/2028 for 7th graders).  If you hope to attend USAFA or any other service academies, type that in!

In Tab 2, choose what level of financial assistance you could use, if applicable

Tab 3: Click all that apply. As you achieve more, go back in, update your registration, and resubmit. If you have not yet attended encampment, enter the year you plan to attend

Tab 4 & 5: Answer all questions

Tab 6: You can skip for now.  Any info you add later helps!

Tab 7: Be sure to check the box & click "SUBMIT"!! Whenever you update your registration information, remember to click "SUBMIT" again!


I look forward to seeing your registration show up on the Wing Approval page!!


Capt Karen L Padgett

Alaska Wing Director of Cadet Programs 

Squadron Commander, Lake Hood Cadet Squadron, Anchorage, AK

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