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Welcome to the Alaska Wing Safety page. We are starting with a database of previously approved CAPF160’s, guidance on where to find material for your safety education program, and who to contact in the event of a mishap. Additional content will periodically be added as time goes on.


-How to use the previously completed CAPF160’s:

These forms are intended as a starting point for leaders and activity directors as they conduct deliberate risk management. Seeing what previous officers have determined to be risks for certain activities may help get you started on your own event.


The uploaded forms are not intended to be printed off and reused without further thought. Officers are expected to consider any additional hazards applicable to their activities and mitigate those on their own CAPF160’s. As such, each uploaded form has been defaced prior to uploading to prevent reuse.


-CAP has partnered with the Girl Scouts of America to conduct high adventure activities. Click on their guide for a comprehensive list of activities and the common considerations and hazards associated with them.


-Need resources for your monthly safety education or to plan your next Annual Safety/ORM day? Visit the National Safety Page for numerous resources including ready made presentations, links to safety education pages from other agencies, and more!

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-Need to report a mishap? Who ya gonna call? See the Pacific Region Supplement to CAPR160-2 for guidance. Your squadron or wing safety officer can assist with this.


Capt DJ Burand, CAP
Alaska Wing Director of Safety
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