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For CP Officers (Senior Members)

(Updated 3 Sep 2021)

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Upcoming CDC calls  (meet.google.com code aak-zpnn-ajn)

Starting 7pm on 2nd Wednesdays of the Month

Date Focus Topics Featured Squadron*/Staff Area
18 Aug 21 CDC Monthly Calls Kickoff Eielson--Lt Carlos Rosario
8 Sep 21 New CAC Delta Force--Capt Kristina Schmidt
13 Oct 21 AEX, Flight Academies, Cadet Interactive

Gateway--Lt Kimberly Rice

AE--Lt Lynda MacPherson

10 Nov 21  CadetINVEST & Specialty Ratings Kodiak-Capt Ed Stickel (cadet annual schedule)
8 Dec 21 NCSAs, SUI help  
Jan Legislative Day, Encampment  
Feb ES (esp GES & ICUT) Lt Col Stephen Sammons
Mar mid-year QCUA  
Apr Encampment Prep Enc Commander
May O-flights  
June Review annual DCP goals  
July Cadet Awards, Upcoming National & Wing Conferences  
Aug QCUA results  
*Fun fact about yourself, # cadets, weekly meeting day/time, latest cool activities, biggest challenge(s), ideas to share

9/17/21 Interim CDC Monthly Checkin (Just moved to COVID Phase 1)

Screening: When meeting in person, screening (symptoms & taking temperature <100.4F) is critical.  Make it so people are comfortable not attending in person if they have any symptoms, and let them know alternatives (virtual option that week, other things they can work on independently, wait till a future meeting, etc).

Waivers: The February 2021 Interim Change Letter waivers for drill, speeches, PT, & feedback meetings are still in effect until 31 Oct 2021.  Here is a link to the ICL and a screen snip of the Table 1 summary is below: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/2001_Consolidated_CP_Waiver_65F4C58FD8848.pdf


Some fun suggestions some units are doing:

Facemasks ideas: Color-coded face masks based on rank--cadets of a certain rank or with certain job duties get to start wearing a facemask of a certain color (with the regulated colors). Consider designing a facemask unique to your unit (ie regulation color with a small logo) or ordering some of the CAP facemasks from Vanguard ($7.55 each, https://www.vanguardmil.com/products/civil-air-patrol-cloth-face-mask-blue-washable)

Pods: Consider physically separating the cadets into 2 flights, or into higher-ranking cadets & lower-ranking cadets and meet in separate parts of your building.  Or having one group meet virtually and the other meet in person. Or have two simultaneous meetings, one virtual & one in-person.  The people who have symptoms or can't wear a mask or otherwise prefer to meet virtually can still participate that way.

Radios: The pods can coordinate using radios, thereby getting in some radio practice on top of everything  : -)

Virtual ES

  • Sgt Rescue: The ES resource Capt Schmidt recommended for use in virtual (or non-virtual) settings is Sergeant Rescue. http://www.sergeantrescuetraining.com/  Col Sammons said the instructor for Sergeant Rescue is a CAP member, a Hawk Mountain instructor, and a paramedic with much experience.  They occasionally offer free online lessons, and their lessons are very in-depth and interesting.
  • Facebook: Capt Schmidt learned about Sgt Rescue on the CAP ES Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/508915805802910
  • GES-116: Col Sammons (with his other hat as AKWG ES) said we can offer the GES-116 test as a group test

Vehicles: No more than 10 people in a vehicle.  Screening before getting in the vehicle is critical, same as before a meeting.

Running: Masks not required while running a timed mile or PACER test.  Maintaining distance is important (as is screening of course)

Color Guard at a Community Event: Best if the first few rows of seats are empty when the color guard posts the colors so there is ample distance between the cadets and the attendees.  Best if arrangements are made to not have to later retrieve the colors.

Some of the not-so-fun stuff:

Facemasks are part of the uniform: We discussed that, just like other parts of the uniform are sometimes difficult to remember, inconvenient, or uncomfortable, for now, facemasks can be thought of a just another part of our uniforms.  We can use the same words to enforce facemasks that we use to, for example, remind a cadet to wear their cover, button their pockets, take out their extra earrings, etc.  We reflect our parent service (the US Air Force) in wearing facemasks just like they are required to do on Air Force bases nationwide.

CCIRs (Critical Commander's Information Review): If your unit is experiencing problems in your local community due to CAP requirements regarding COVID (or anything else for that matter), Col Sammons suggested writing a CCIR email to your squadron commander. 

9/9/21 CDC Monthly Checkin

Video of lastest NHQ DCP Chat & Checkin (10 Sep 2021 & before): https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/cpofficer/dcp-chats  (if you'd ever like to attend, 2nd Fridays 0900-0945 Alaska time, please email karen.padgett@akwg.cap.gov)

NHQ Cadet blog on 5 October 2021 Cadet Publication Refresh: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/cadetblog/2021/09/02/fall-2021---cadet-publication-refresh

Regulations for preview: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/members/publications/regulations-for-preview

All NHQ Cadet Blogs: https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/programs/cadets/cadetblog


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