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Cadet Advisory Council (CAC)

(updated 5 Oct 2023)

Sat 7 Oct 2023 10:30-11:30am In-person/virtual hybrid turnover meeting at Wing Conference 

FY 2024 Meetings on Google Meet   or dial +1 413-276-6576 and enter this PIN: 789 602 210#  . Be sure to identify yourself!

Nov 2023 - Sep 2024 Dates To Be Determined (TBD)

Sat 5 Oct 2024: In-person turnover meeting at Wing Conference.  All FY 24 & new FY 25 cadets encouraged to attend in person!


12 Jan 2023 Notification to all 2023 AKWG CAC members and prospective members


After this most recent CAC meeting, C/2d Lt Krol, C/Capt Clifton, and I came together to discuss how things should be run with the CAC. Below are some of the rules we have decided to implement for a smoother CAC term.

Choosing a Committee

  • All representatives are required to be on at least one committee.
  • The Communications Committee has a requirement of at least one representative from each squadron
  • Deadline to choose a committee is Tuesday, January 17th, or one will be chosen for you.
  • Coordinate with your counterpart and determine which committee(s) each of you will join.
  • Each committee must meet at least twice a month but may meet more than that if needed.
  • Try to pick a day when no squadron on your committee has a regular meeting.
  • Try to have the meeting on a recurring basis so it is known when the meeting will happen.
  • Each committee chair should speak with one another so there are no overlapping committee meeting times.


  • It is expected that all members of the CAC are present at each meeting, on time, with their cameras on. If for any reason any of these three requirements cannot be met, you must email C/2d Lt Krol, C/Capt Clifton, Maj Bittle, and myself a valid reason. If this is not done, you will be marked with an unexcused absence. .
  • Each Squadron must provide a member to be present during the meeting.
  • The Squadron Primary Representatives deliver a CAC Report to their Squadron as well as conduct any assignments ordered by CAC.
  • Each Representative must be in over 80% of monthly CAC meetings in order to wear their CAC Ribbon and Shoulder Cord.


  • Two unexcused absences will result in a recommendation to your squadron commander to remove you from the Council

If you have any questions or concerns, please email one of us three. Thank you.

Very Respectfully,


Chairman, Alaska Wing Cadet Advisory Council


7 Oct 2023 "Change of Council Members" Meeting

All AKWG 2023 CAC, all AKWG 2024 CAC members, and Region reps will meet together.  The outgoing CAC will brief the incoming CAC on parliamentary procedure, any ongoing projects, and details of their job duties.  The incoming CAC will receive assignments for the upcoming month and the schedule of the upcoming years' meetings. Awards will be presented to CAC who members who successfully completed the requirements of their term (attended at least half the meetings for that year and participated in at least 1 committee)


Help shape the Alaska Wing Cadet Program to best serve Alaska cadets!

The three purposes of the CAC are to:

• Provide a forum where cadets gain leadership experience at higher organizational levels.

• Aid the commander in monitoring and implementing the Cadet Program.

• Make recommendations to the commander for improving and running the Cadet Program.

(Reference CAPR 60-1, Chapter 7)


To participate:

(1) Apply for region- and wing-level positions in August of each year

(2) Express your interest in representing your squadron to your Deputy Commander for Cadets

(3) Communicate regularly with your squadron CAC representatives and alternates--let them know your good ideas! Ask them what they've been hearing in CAC meetings! Pass the word!


Cadet Advisory Council representatives develop their leadership skills while advising their commanders on ways to improve the cadet program at the group, wing, region, or national echelon. Committees and teams are responsible for running the modern world through project teams, corporate boards of directors, democratic bodies, nonprofit community groups, and more. The CAC is the cadet’s opportunity to influence senior CAP leaders, improve cadet life, and increase their leadership effectiveness.




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